The Best Applications to Have Sex With Your Partner

Did you know that mobile applications can help you in your relationship? Not only to find one in case you do not have, also to keep the spark and that the passion does not decay. In the app stores you can find from erotic games to orgasm meters or different tools that can give your sexual encounters much more life. If you want to surprise your boy or girl take notes and do not hesitate to download them. These are some of the best applications to enjoy sex with your partner.

Have your relationships become monotonous or boring? That’s because you do not know Desire42. This application will challenge your partner to do anything that comes to mind. Its operation is very simple. One of the two proposes a challenge available in different categories that are updated every week. It is also possible to write your own challenge without it being created. The other may accept or reject it. If we choose the option to choose challenge we will find a menu with eight categories. We see challenges that are related to types of clothing or roles, to others that have more to do with sex in public or travel.

In this app there is space for some rather curious details. For example, the scratch card format to uncover the challenge, or the timer to know how much time we have to overcome it. In turn it has a history of challenges and points given by each challenge. This will avoid possible disputes of points that have appeared unexplained. If you want to know all the details of this app do not hesitate to install it on your mobile and try it with your partner.

Sex facts
You may know a lot about sex, but maybe you end up surprising yourself that you do not know as much as you thought with this free app. With it you can challenge your partner to know which of the two knows more about the subject. For this, a series of curious data appears among more than 400. One of these examples would be the following: The domain “”, was sold in 2006 for 14 million dollars. Or that rats in general can have up to 20 coitus a day. You can turn these questions into questions and start a game that can end up being quite fun. Download it from here.

Durex Experiment
This application will allow you to measure your sexual arousal and rate your level of pleasure. All this through a series of experiments that last a month. The first week will focus on the fun of the preliminaries, after it we can enjoy another challenge: heightened feeling, which will follow the third week adventure game and end the grand finale. It also includes mini-experiments designed for those who want to discover what it means to have an exciting sex life.

After each experiment at home, Durex Experiment will show you how close you are to finding the ideal emotional pleasure. In Durex have designed the experiments so that the couples discover more about each one, they feel more united and they forget the monotony. Remember to use the application every week since, as we say, there are one month of experiments and each week new ones are unlocked. All have been created in collaboration with psychologist and sexologist Susan Quilliam and scientist Brendan Walker, who has developed a tool to measure the excitement and pleasure of couples.

It is already known that at the beginning of a relationship everything runs on wheels, problems can come later. With the passage of time many couples begin to enter a routine that can end up being quite counterproductive if no remedy. Couple is an application designed especially for these people who urgently need to give a pinch of sugar to their intimate relationships. Basically what it does is create a small universe just for the two, giving a certain halo of romanticism to a moment that perhaps is not what it was.

Couple creates a shared space for only the two, in which you can send photos or videos that only you can see. It also allows you to draw, send voice messages, share location or chat. Your partner will know that you are thinking about her at the push of a button. Also, if both are connected at the same time, you can draw together or use Thumbkiss. This option allows you to see where your partner is by touching the screen to click on the same point and make both phones vibrate simultaneously. The app additionally create reminders of your anniversary or birthday. It even lets you share a to-do list to make sure no one is going to forget to buy the bread.

No doubt, Couple is the perfect application for long distance relationships or a great tool for couples who are close but who have lost some interest in the relationship.

Simulated Blue Vibrator
Are the vibrator batteries drained or the battery drained? Do not worry because there are applications that will not let your partner stay half-way. Simulated Blue Vibrator, Sexy Mood Vibrator or Good Vibes are just some of them. What they achieve is that the vibration of the mobile is uninterrupted to activate your purpose. Whether massaging your neck, back or other areas, making your girl feel very happy. You can select the type of vibration to adjust the intensity according to the moment. In addition, the application can be activated in the background, so that other applications can be used at the same time.

Sexual Compatibility Test
What if after a while you realize that you are not sexually compatible with your partner? Sexual compatibility involves emotional, psychological or physical factors. In addition, it tends to fluctuate over time. At one point you feel very close to your partner and not another, but that does not mean that your connection is over.